Read Why People Like to Play Fantasy Cricket

The IPL 2019 is scheduled to begin on 23rd March, and for the next one and a half months, Indians of all ages and gender are going to be glued to the game of cricket. Fans look forward to the IPL fiesta with enthusiasm. They debate and voice opinions about each ball of the game and excitedly share with anyone who cares to listen, the right way to play. Opinions on what they would do if they were the coach, selectors, or even the players are shared on social media or at dinner parties. As mere spectators, it is difficult for a fan to control their anger when their teams do not perform as per expectations.

The advent of fantasy cricket has changed the way fans participate in each game. They are no longer spectators. They can join the game as selectors, choose a team of XI members and participate in playoffs, tournaments, etc. The most enjoyable part of this form of cricket is that they can choose their fantasy team member from any of the teams playing. Choose the Captain from the Chennai Super Kings, and the Wicketkeeper from Sunrise Hyderabad, and when the two teams meet, and both the players play well, the team scores high points. The winning team to play fantasy cricket and win cash is the one with the highest number of points.


Most people assume the biggest reason for playing fantasy cricket is the cash prizes they can win. But, it is a matter of enjoyment and earning. Though cash wins are important, the real reason for playing is testing an individual’s ability to judge the pitch, the form of the players, and then choose a winning combination. People with an in-depth knowledge of the game and the ability to analyze data can do well, and emerge winners.

  1. Win cash prizes. Every time a batsmen scores runs, a fielder takes a catch, a bowler takes a wicket, points are won. The team with the highest points is the winner. Hence, it is important to choose the team carefully.
  2. Knowledge gained over the years from watching the game is put to good use. Decide which players to choose depending on the weather, pitch, players’ forms, etc.
  3. Fans can strategize and select the team. They get to choose which player will play as batsmen, bowler, all-rounder
  4. The fun of watching the matches on-screen or on the grounds doubles. When a player of a fantasy cricket team performs well, the enthusiasm increases.
  5. Matches are played on schedule, as per the tournaments. There is flexibility to participate in individual matches or tournaments which can last weeks
    In conclusion, the enthusiasm for the game doubles as they cheer for their favorite team on the ground, and hope their chosen players perform well in every single match. Playing fantasy cricket for cash is a fantastic way to be involved in the game that is adored by millions of Indians.

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