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Thrill-seekers around the globe drool at the opportunity of spinning the wheel of fortune. And in this day and age, they do not need to visit an exotic casino town to do so. They can play from the comforts of their living room – online. Most of the online casino games are available over the Internet and run seamlessly on smartphones. So, you can play the games even when on the move.

But when it comes to deciding which casino to choose, there is more to it than meets the eye. The online gambling industry is a big-time global money-spinner, so two-timers and fake operators are also present here to rake in some moolah.

We would attempt to take you – the aspiring online casino player – through the process to identify the particular casino which will fulfill your goal as a gambler. It’s not rocket science – just some critical thinking and analysis.

Set Your Goals

What exactly are you looking for when you decide to go for online gambling? Do you want to play blackjack or video poker? Do you want to play dealer games, live?

You should have answers to these questions. Then your job of choosing a suitable game becomes easier.

But don’t forget the caveats. Online casinos make it difficult for players who are at an advantage. To give you an example, in an online casino, you aren’t able to count cards. Also, in any casino, the games have a distinct mathematical edge – which you can’t beat in the longer run.

Still, you must be clear about your goals from the game. That is how you can take the first step towards a rewarding online gambling experience.

Safety & Credibility

For the casino, it is of utmost importance that they protect the data of their customers. By doing this, they can create a hassle-free experience for you. All the reputed online casinos implement the latest safety technology to ensure this. The 128-bit SSL Data Encryption technology makes this happen.

The next important checkpoint is whether the casino has a valid license from the relevant authority of the respective country from where it is operating. Licenses which the governments of UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, Costa Rica, and Antigua issue, are considered as trustworthy – as, to obtain licenses from them, the gaming company undergoes strict verification processes.

Browse some sites

Before you start playing, make sure to check out quite a few online gambling sites. Don’t forget that all these casinos are there to make money. Money is their sole guiding principle. They spend a hefty sum on advertising so that their brand visibility is high. It is very rare when you will come across an online gambling site that lists its games based on their payback percentage.

More often than not, the sites make up these percentages. It’s just window dressing. The websites make the list in the order of the ad spends.

So, go through the site in a careful & attentive manner. A trustworthy website will have an “About Us” page – just to cite an example. But a fly-by-night operator will bypass these norms.

Better still, read reviews on neutral sites like Ask Gamblers, which give information on the games and casinos from genuine players. The reviews listed on these sites are from genuine players and users, giving you the right information, which makes it easier to choose the right gaming platform.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Be sure to check out the payment methods and currency options which the site is offering. Nowadays, you will find several online gambling sites offering cryptocurrency, like BitCoin. But the site should offer a range of deposit and withdrawal options. Your country of residence also determines available payment methods.

Options of Software

There are close to 5000 online gambling sites – waiting for you to loosen your purse strings. So, you must be careful to check the software that the site is using. The software should be legal, safe – and also provide excellent graphics so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Microgaming, Playtech, Amaya, etc. are some leading organizations that provide software to online casinos.

Check Out Popular Online Gaming Forums

This is an excellent way to check out the reliability of gaming sites. The regular players will have a lot to comment on a website – recommending some and forbidding some. When you are still a greenhorn, you must visit such forums on the net & social media.

Customer Service

The casino’s customer support service must be impeccable in terms of responsiveness and support. The website must display modes of reaching the support team. The team must offer assistance when you need it.


So, be cautious when you start to travel on this road. Play with small sums when you begin and do a lot of background research before taking the plunge.

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