Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Guide

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is a cool breeding game that lets you discover and breed different types of mutants using a specific gene.

Each mutant has their own strength and weaknesses depend on the genes they have.


There are primarily 6 types of genes that you can use, but only 3 will be available at first. They are Saber, Necro, Cyber, Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic. There is a chain effect that works like this:

Saber beats Necro and Mythic but is weak against Cyber and Zoomorph.

Necro beats Cyber and Galactic but is weak against Saber and Mythic.

Cyber beats Saber and Zoomorph but is weak against Necro and Galactic.

Each mutant can have either the same genes or is paired with another gene. You can then work out different strategies and figure out how to build your team.


You can breed all the different genes and get all sorts of different mutants from it. If you like the undead looking like creatures, then Necro is the way to go for you. If you like human looking creatures, Saber should be your choice. Cyber is primarily robots, giving you the futuristic mutant. Galactic are alien like creatures while mythic are more “mythology” type mutants. You can breed them and get a mix of 2 genes.

The benefit of having 2 genes allows you to have 2 different genetic attacks, allowing you more flexibility when fighting in campaign and PvP mode. Double similar genes is good in the sense that you do get an area of effect(AoE) attack, making it useful to fight up to 3 mutants at once.

It all comes down to preference on what you like the most. If you like AoE attacks, then you will like the double similar gene mutants. If you enjoy a variety of attacks, then a mixed gene mutant will suit you better.

Whatever your choice may be, you have the flexibility to adjust your PvP and campaign team to have a better chance of defeating your enemies.

PvP Tournament

Every 14 days, there will be a PvP tournament which you can participate and win some cool prizes. The most lucrative prize you can win is the Gold Star. What that does is it allows you to breed a really strong mutant.

Bronze Star – Breed 2 level 10 mutants with this and it will get you a bronze version mutant which is 10% stronger.

Silver Star – Breed 2 level 15 bronze mutants and net you a silver version which is 30% stronger.

Gold Star – Nets you a 75% stronger mutant when you breed 2 level 20 silver mutants.

As you can see, your goal is to get the gold mutant and be the strongest of them all!

If you need a more detailed guide, please check out Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide [].

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