Lottery Winner’s Secret Places to Keep Their Lottery Tickets

Have you ever wondered where and how lottery winners tend to keep their lottery tickets safe? It might sound a bit unbelievable, but there are many instances where lottery winners plan out and store their lottery tickets in the most secret of places in order to keep them safe till the prize money has been redeemed. If you have ever won a lottery, you might know how difficult it is to look after the physical lottery ticket. Since it is in bearer form, you have to ensure that it is in your safe possession at all times.
Lottoland now gives you an opportunity to win big in India. One of the pioneers in online lottery platforms, this portal offers a wide variety of international lotteries to choose from. Whether it is Powerball or Megamillions, you can stand a chance to win big at Lottoland. At the same time, you need to ensure to keep your lottery ticket safe.

Here are some quirky facts about the lottery winner’s secret hideouts for their lottery tickets.

Ticket in Undergarment

A young girl from the UK happened to chance upon a lottery prize win of a sum amounting to nearly INR 63 crores. Ianthe Fullagar used to make only INR 500 per hour as a waitress when she chanced upon this huge lottery prize. Due to the hefty prize money, which she had not even seen earlier, she decided to hide the ticket in her undergarment. She chose to do this in order to keep it safe from her dog, who she feared might chew it up. She definitely had one of the quirkiest ideas when it comes to keeping the lottery ticket safe.

Inside the Washing Machine

A man based in New Zealand thought that he had lost it all when his belongings were badly damaged in an earthquake. As luck was to have it, he found a crumpled lottery ticket while tidying up his washing machine. He decided to not discard it and instead went to a local supermarket to check if the ticket had won. He won big at that! He scooped up a prize money of about INR 1 crore. While it doesn’t make sense to store a lottery ticket in a washing machine, this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to keeping lottery tickets safe.

Dust Bin and Win

A man from North Carolina is known to have dumped his lottery ticket in a dustbin on top of some waste food. When he realized that he had won the lottery, he went about searching for it and found it on top of a pile of waste food.

In an Envelope Under the Desk

Another story of a man from Oregon goes in a similar fashion. He happened to hide his ticket in an envelope and kept it safe somewhere under his desk. He only remembered it when he was cleaning the desk and realized later that it was the winner of a Megamillions jackpot. He happened to claim millions, and fortunately so, before the ticket expired.

Lottery winners could have some of the weirdest hideout stories to share, but what’s important is that they kept the tickets safe and even turned into millionaires with the help of a safely kept ticket.

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