Life Changing Story of a Transgender Lottery Winner

If you have not yet read the miracles of winning the lottery, then this story of Melissa Ede, a transgender will completely change your perception about the lotteries. Meanwhile, if you are a lottery enthusiast, then this story is about to make you realise how it feels to win that fancy jackpot. You will also realise that no matter how much struggle you go through every day in your life, a little hope and constant belief can turn the tables forever. This story will make you believe that when extraordinary people can win the lotteries in the most unusual situations, why can’t you?

Life of Melissa Ede before Winning the Lottery

You will be surprised to know that Melissa Ede was biologically born as a male and was a father to four children until she transitioned in the year 2011. Her family is currently estranged and the separation story is filled with lots of drama. But, Melissa denies that none of it was the reason for the transition.

The Story of Buying the Ticket

On 30th December 2017, Melissa, who was a taxi driver, was on the way to work and she just stopped to buy a scratch lottery ticket. She chose a GameStone scratch card ticket by Blue National Lottery to give fate a chance. Indeed, this ticket clicked and life had a complete makeover. The 57-year-old also admits that it was the most unexpected yet the best thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life. She also says that she feels real life is much more extraordinary when compared to fiction.

What Did Melissa Do with the Money?

After winning INR 36 crore rupees, Melissa’s life changed. First, she planned to get married to her girlfriend – extravagantly. She invested some money for fixing her teeth. She has already changed her hair and has enjoyed a shopping spree completely dedicated to herself. She intends to get an autobiography done so that people all around the world know her story. She has already got Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers, removal of superficial skin layers, fillers under the eye to get rid of dark circles, a brow lift and plumping gel for her under eye in her cosmetic corrections. Her latest face has cost her nearly INR 3 lakh rupees and she still intends on getting more of such surgeries.

Future Plans

With the endless list and overflowing money, Melissa wishes to start her own clothing and perfume line. In order to dodge the multiple controversies and become famous on social media, she is already active on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. She also says she is in touch with many producers and directors and may come out with her own web series later in the future.


Melissa, despite life’s many hurdles, believed in herself and allowed fate to give her a fair chance by buying a GameStone scratch lottery ticket. Just like her, you too have an unbiased opportunity as the leader of international lotteries – Lottoland is now launching in India. It has access to lotteries all around the world like EuroMillions, MegaMillions and Powerball, which you can play sitting at home!

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